Crystorama Solaris Chandelier Review

Crystorama Solaris Chandelier

Product: Solaris Chandelier By Crystorama
Canopy: Diameter 6″
Fixture: Height 50″, Diameter 40″
Maximum Hanging: Length Adjustable From 58″, Adjustable To 130″
Where to buy:

In this post, I will review the Solaris Chandelier by Crystorama. I will tell you what I like, and if anything, what I don’t like.  Finally, I will give you some examples of where I think it would fit best in your home.


The Solaris Chandelier by Crystorama combines a traditional candelabra chandelier with the modern lines of a sphere.

Several thin metal rings are what form the sphere shape around the nine lights, creating a fascinating and airy chandelier.  A single crystal ball is added (and removable) to the bottom for visual weight.  This solid glass charm refracts light nicely.  This chandelier, though large, does not visually take up much space, making it a perfect addition to any bedroom. This massive chandelier would look fantastic in a large living room or would be a stunning addition to any foyer.

If you have a really large dining room, try pairing two of these beauties for an unbelievable result.

This can make the perfect statement without overwhelming the room. This fixture will be the focal point of your room and make any boring space look amazing.  This impressive chandelier would look incredible in an open staircase where it can be seen from many different vantage points.  This particular unit is extra-large, 50 inches high and 40 inches wide weighing in at around 20 pounds.

Variety of options available

The Solaris chandelier comes from a large family!

The fixture comes in several finishes, which include English bronze, old silver, and wet white making this chandelier a great option for many different styles of decor.

The English bronze finish makes this chandelier more traditional and rustic and a little more romantic. The olde silver finish can go with a coastal look, modern farmhouse, and also modern contemporary. The wet white finish is very contemporary and would look great in a large modern space with bright furniture or bold art pieces around it. At the bottom of all the chandeliers, there is a beautiful round crystal ball that hangs down from the bottom of the chandelier about 4 or 5 inches; it adds a touch of class to the Solaris Chandelier.  This crystal is removable if you would rather not use it.

In addition to the selection of finishes, Crystorama has designed a variety of different sizes for this beautiful line:  To view all of the choices in this line, please click here.

The small chandelier is 16.5 inches high and 12.35 inches wide with three lights.

The medium chandelier is 27.5 inches high and 22.5 inches wide and also has six lights

The large chandelier 35.5 inches high and 28.5 inches wide, it comes with six lights.

The extra-large, mentioned above, is 50 inches high and 40 inches wide.


With some of the smaller options, you can choose to install without the down rod in order to hang the fixture closer to the ceiling.  This adds balance to a smaller, maybe more cramped space.

With all the choices of size and the different finishes, the Solaris Chandelier by Crystorama is sure to go with most styles of decor and would be a great addition to just about any room in your home.  With so many choices of colors and size, you can pair these together as well to create a multi-dimensional look.  The possibilities are endless.  I can also see putting this on your covered patio to add some bling to your outdoor space.


The only thing I don’t like about this chandelier is the installation can be tedious, threading all of the wires through the hanging chain before attaching to the ceiling.  The chain links on either side of the down rod allowing the fixture to hang straight, even if mounted on a sloped ceiling. It will be fine to install on a sloped ceiling.

I would definitely recommend installing a dimmer switch, which will allow you to control the amount of light emitted from the chandelier.  This can give you the specific mood you are looking for.

Care for your chandelier

To care for your Solaris Chandelier by Crystorama, simply wipe clean with a soft cloth. No polishes, abrasives, or chemicals should ever be used.

Light bulbs

Nine 25 Watt (180 Lumens) 120 Volt E12 Candelabra Base Incandescent Lamp(s) (Not Included)

The light bulbs shown are perfectly round and small, a very modern look, but if you used candelabra light bulbs it would greatly change the look. If you don’t have a fairly modern space, I would go with candelabra light bulbs, so keep that in mind when looking at any chandelier, most can take different shapes of bulbs, and there are so many choices out there. I am a fan of the little round lights they are unique and not your “every day” bulb.


For warranty information, please contact

About Crystorama

Crystorama is a passionate and energetic family business who is obsessed with chandeliers (their words, not mine).

To help you decide what chandelier style is right for you, check out our page Find Your Chandelier Style.

If you have read this far, please click here to see the wide variety of Chandeliers available in the Solaris collection, you will not be disappointed.

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Robert Abbey Ventana Single Tier Chandelier Review

Ventana single tier chandelier

Product: Robert Abbey Ventana Single-Tier Chandelier By Jonathan Adler

Canopy Height 1.25″, Diameter 6″:
Fixture Height 16.5″, Diameter 32.5″:
Maximum Hanging Length Adjustable From 27″, Adjustable To 63″:
Shade Height 10.25″, Lower Diameter 32.5″, Upper Diameter 31″:
Finish: Antique Brass with Ebony wood
Where to buy: Amazon

In this post, I will review the Ventana Single-Tier Chandelier by Jonathan Adler for Robert Abbey. I will tell you what I like, and if anything, what I don’t like.  Finally, I will give you some examples of where I think it would fit best in your home.


The Ventana Single-Tier Chandelier by Jonathan Adler for Robert Abbey is a sleek and modern chandelier with an elegant drum shade made of light tan natural linen.

The linen drum shade has a seamlessly rolled edge hem and is 10.25 inches tall. The entire chandelier is 16.5 inches high and 32.5 inches wide and comes with four connectible down rods, instead of a standard chain, just one more way to keep the clean lines of this chandelier.

The down rods include one 6 inch rod and three 12 inch rods, giving you a maximum of 42 inches of hanging distance.  The Ventana Chandelier has four torch sockets made of a dark ebony wood and is accented with Antique brass giving you a rich finish to this chandelier. The central column ends with a modern shaped disc and is completed with a ring in Antique Brass.

This antique brass finish contrasts beautifully with the dark ebony torch sockets, and the linen drum shade in the natural tan linen balances the finishes and softens the chandelier.

This chandelier has very clean lines and is elegantly simple, not distracting from the finishes, the luxurious ebony wood, and the timeless linen drum shade. The finishes are what give this chandelier a unique look and are where it gets it “sparkle.”  This fixture has a very traditional look without being fussy, or ornate.  It can really add luxury to your room.  The Ventana Single-Tier Chandelier is also big enough to add a homey feel to your space, very versatile and sophisticated.

Variety of choices available

Jonathan Adler also designed a matching wall sconce that has the same torch socket and has a

bold round backplate that is accented by either by polished nickel or brass; it also comes with an HI-Low switch, giving you different lighting options. Low light for ambiance and highlight for reading, perfect for the bedroom.

The wall sconces would be gorgeous instead of traditional nightstand lamps and free up surface space.

Pair these with the Ventana chandelier over your bed and you just created a bedroom full of illuminated elegance. If you have vaulted ceilings or a large dining area, you also might like the 2-tiered chandelier that holds eight torch sockets all with their individual linen shades. This larger chandelier is 26 inches high and 42.5 inches wide and would benefit from a dimmer, because of the brightness eight lights can provide.

There are also a number of options available to compliment this very versatile chandelier.

Jonatan  Adler has designed a floor lamp, table lamp, different varieties of 2 tier and 3-tier chandeliers, in addition to a wide variety of wall sconces mentioned above.  The choices are seemingly endless with this awesome collection.

Mounting options available

The Ventana Single-Tier Chandelier has a 6-inch diameter round ceiling canopy and is also sloped ceiling adaptable, meaning it can be hung on a vaulted ceiling, with a slope up to 30 degrees.  Adding a dimmer switch is an option as well with this fixture to get just the right mood in your dining or living area.  Click here for assembly instructions.

Care for your Robert Abbey Ventana Single-Tier Chandelier

To care for your Robert Abbey Bling chandelier, simply wipe clean with a soft cloth. No polishes, abrasives, or chemicals should ever be used.

Light bulbs

It is recommended to use Four 60 Watt (672 Lumens) 120 Volt E12 Candelabra Base Incandescent Lamp(s) (Not Included)


The Robert Abbey Ventana Single-Tier Chandelier is guaranteed for one full year, from date of invoice, against manufacturing defects.

About Robert Abbey

Located in North Carolina, Robert Abbey has been designing and manufacturing lighting products since 1948. Much of their product line is Made in the U.S.A.  Robert Abbey is a very family oriented business.  Quite a few of their employees are 3rd generation Robert Abbey employees. Robert Abbey designs are a very sleek, upper scale line of light fixtures.

About Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is a multi-talented artist.  His skill set includes, but are not limited to pottery and designing future, he is also an author.  He also owns and operates his own brand of 30 stores.

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If you need help with proper placement or hanging techniques, see our page How to choose a chandelier.

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Kichler Grand Bank Chandelier Review

Grand Bank Chandelier

Kichler Grand Bank Chandelier

Canopy: Diameter 5.25″
Fixture: Height 21.5″, Diameter 20″
Weight: 13Lbs
Maximum Hanging Length Adjustable From 27.5″, Adjustable To 57.5″
Where to buy: Amazon




The Grand Bank Chandelier by Kichler is most definitely that – Grand!  It has unique features that appeal to both men and women.  Stong, bold construction, yet soft curves that women love, all in one chandelier.  Four thick, c-shaped wooden arms meet at the top and bottom to form an orb, almost like latitude lines on a globe meeting at the North and South Poles.  The Auburn stained wooden arms are attached to a rough steel housing that is dark bronze in color.  The inside circumference of the orb is fitted with a sturdy, flat metal ring.  This dark bronze metal ring also acts as the foundation for the light shades themselves.


The light shades are made with clear seeded glass.

Seeded glass has tiny bubbles and a wavy pattern, resembling early original flat glass made to look vintage. I really like the seeded glass, because it is still clear, which is modern, but it gives the eye a little texture to look at without being a distraction.

This chandelier is also interesting in that all the wiring is wound through the wood globe, hidden away and eliminating the need for a center column to house the electrical components.

This fixture offers a unique combination of materials, which are very substantial, but it is still a very open design.

The dark bronze colored metal pieces compliment the Auburn wood tone of this chandelier.  As I mentioned above, there is no central stem for the wiring, which contributes to the openness of this chandelier.  The wood in this fixture will complement other wood features in your home décor.  The Grand Bank Chandelier can be a room-defining piece.  This piece is rustic and modern all wrapped into one.  The chandelier provides great ambient light for any room in your house. This fixture can be a real high-flying focal point added to any room in your house.

The Grand Bank Chandelier would look wonderful in many rooms in your home.

It makes a bold statement and therefore would be very inviting in an entryway for example. The romantic curves are perfect for a bedroom. The dark thick wood frame would be strong enough for a family or living room too! A large round dining table would be illuminated nicely by the Grand Bank Chandelier. As you can see, this chandelier is very versatile and would truly complement almost any room in your house.

I would not recommend putting this in smaller space, like a closet or hallway, there are options listed below for smaller spaces.

Light bulbs

The Grand Bank Chandelier requires four 60W candelabra base incandescent bulbs (not included).  Using Edison style bulbs would really look awesome on this chandelier.  If possible, I would put all chandeliers on a dimmer.  You will love the lighting choices and the different ambiances a dimmer can create.

Variety of choices available

The Grand Bank collection offers a wide variety of options to choose from.  Kichler has designed a Five Light Linear Chandelier.  This five light option would fit nicely over the seating area of an island in a kitchen, or a smaller dining room table as well.  If you are looking for something a little larger, The Eight light fixture could be the focal point of your kitchen island or fit well over a larger dining table.  Kichler also offers a one light single mini pendant that would be perfect for a walk-in closet or hallway.  They also offer a more traditional six light chandelier as well.

Click here for prices

Mounting your chandelier

The Grand Bank Chandelier will need to be mounted to a standard flat ceiling.  This fixture cannot be mounted to a sloped or vaulted ceiling.  That is the only negative thing I can really think of.  The dimensions of the four light chandelier option are 5.25 inches canopy diameter (the part that touches the ceiling), 21.5 inches high, and 20 inches in diameter.  The fixture weighs in at 13 pounds.  It comes with 2 six inch and two twelve inch down rods.  The maximum hanging length is adjustable from 27.5 inches to 57.5 inches.  This means that hanging the fixture also offers several options so you can hang the chandelier to whatever your desired height may be. The installation instructions can be found her.

Care for your Kichler Grand Bank Chandelier

To care for your Kichler Grand Bank Chandelier, simply wipe clean with a soft cloth. No polishes, abrasives, or chemicals should ever be used.

Warranty information

Aside from the exceptions and limitations noted on their website, Kichler Lighting warrants that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for: one (1) year and five (5) years for the LED Light Engines and electrical components.

About Kichler

Since 1938, Kichler has been designing award-winning home products.  They offer excellent quality and service.  Kichler offers a wide selection and variety within their lighting family.  They have an unparalleled commitment to quality.

I hope you find this review helpful.  If you need some ideas about some other styles you may like, please check out our page Find Your Chandelier Style! or How to Choose a Chandelier.  You can also send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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